3 Times to Use Red Wine in Cooking

Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

Some cooks swear by using certain alcohol in their recipes. A classic choice is red wine, as it can add a unique richness and depth to some savory dishes. But it doesn’t always have a place in meals. If you’re unsure of which kinds of meals to include it in, then here are three examples of good times to use it to get you started. 

Beef Stew

If you’re planning a slow-cooked hearty beef stew, then adding red wine to the recipe is almost essential. When added to the liquid of the stew early on, then the beef and the vegetables you use end up soaking up all the rich, tart, and smooth flavors that are released during the cooking. 

Nut Roast

This is another example where opting to slow-cook at a low temperature allows the ingredients and flavors you use to slowly soak into each other. Adding a dash of red wine before you bake this dish means the nuts and vegetables become super tender and tasty.

Homemade Gravy

If you’re going to the effort to make gravy from scratch for a hearty winter meal, then adding red wine helps the flavors blend much better and means all the food on your plate can be covered in the delicious mixture of ingredients.