3 Non-Coffee Takes on the Dalgona Coffee Trend

Dalgona coffee, aka as whipped coffee, has been super trendy all over social media. The frothy drink uses only three ingredients—instant coffee, sugar, and hot water and turns them into a real treat! If you don’t like coffee and want to try the trend, these three versions use strawberry, chocolate, Nutella, or matcha. Here’s how to make the tasty dessert at home.

Whipped Chocolate Milk

Do you love Nutella? You can make your own version of dalgona by whipping chocolate hazelnut spread and mixing it with whipping cream. If you prefer just plain chocolate, it works just as well with cocoa powder and sugar. Finish the drink by serving it over a glass of iced milk.

Whipped Strawberry Milk

Perhaps you’re more of a fan of fruity rather than chocolatey. This sweet breakfast treat uses strawberry milk powder and heavy whipping cream. It’s perfect for kids!

Whipped Matcha Green Tea

If you prefer to get your caffeine from tea rather than coffee, you’ll love this whipped matcha green tea which uses egg whites, granulated sugar, water, and matcha powder. Seve it over iced milk.