3 Coffee Recipes You Can Make at Home

Homemade coffee
Photo by Demi DeHerrera on Unsplash

Going to coffee shops every day can be very expensive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy great coffee. Whether you want to save some money or just want to learn how to make amazing coffee at home, these three recipes are a great place to start. Here are the basic coffee drinks to perfect.

Iced Coffee

It’s so easy to make iced coffee at home! Make a fresh batch of coffee and let it cool down. Blend it together with some milk and sugar and pour over ice for a great start to your day or a chill weekend afternoon.


Perhaps you don’t know how to make latte art, but that’s not necessary for enjoying a great cup of latte at home. Heat some milk in a saucepan and whisk until you get foam, then pour it over freshly made coffee. Decorate with some ground coffee or cinnamon.


If you can make a latte, you can make a mocha too. The only difference is that you add chocolate syrup to your cup before the rest of the ingredients. You can also transform an iced coffee into an iced mocha if you add chocolate syrup to the iced coffee cup!