3 Alternative Ways to Put Your Kitchen Scissors to Some Good Use

Kitchen Scissors
Photo by Brandon Cormier on Unsplash

From slicing herbs, pizza, bacon, and homemade pasta to opening packages, kitchen scissors can really do it all – and their power doesn’t end there. Your good old kitchen shears come with a long list of alternative uses that you’re probably not even aware of – starting with these three.

Cracking Nuts

The metal-teeth grippers on your kitchen scissors aren’t there just for decoration. They come with a long list of alternative uses – starting with cracking nuts and shells. Whether you’re dealing with walnuts or hazelnuts, kitchen shears can help you break their hard shells, making snack time more enjoyable.

Opening Jars

Cracking nuts isn’t even the main purpose of the metal-teeth grippers on your trusty kitchen scissors. They can also double down as a jar opener, and you can simply latch them onto the lid’s edge when you’re dealing with a stubborn jar and crack it open without any trouble.

Opening Bottle

After carefully inspecting your kitchen shears, you’ll probably notice there’s a bottle opener built into their blades. This means you can easily use them to remove the caps from your beer and soda bottles whenever you’re struggling to remember where you left the regular bottle opener.