What’s Easier for Beginners: Cooking or Baking?

Beginner chefs
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

When young chefs first start out on their culinary journey, they may wonder whether or not they should start off with baking or cooking. Sure, you’re more than welcome to do both, but you obviously have to start somewhere. The question is, which one is easier? If you’re contemplating this very question, let’s dive into this murky topic and discuss the right answer.

It Depends on Your Preference

The truth is that whichever one is easier will be based on your personality. At first glance, we feel compelled to say that cooking is easier because it’s a lot less rigid with its rules. You can break the mold of the recipe you’re following, and more often than not you’ll probably be good to go. So in that sense, perhaps cooking is easier for beginners. However, there’s also something comforting in following a recipe exactly the way it is, and there are many chefs who find it much easier to do that.

What Do You Love More?

But ultimately, what it really comes down to is which of the two you enjoy more. When it comes to baking or cooking, which of the two excites you more? Each of these paths will be full of obstacles, so the “easier” one will be the one that you love doing!