TikToker Spends 12 Hours at All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and Has an Epic Food Adventure

Nowadays, most all-you-can-eat buffets are actually not giving their customers what they promise. Most of them put some limitations on the service, mostly in the number of hours customers can spend there, to minimize their losses. However, TikTok user @ugh_madison recently discovered that her local Golden Corral chain doesn’t use these tactics, and it resulted in an epic food adventure.

In a viral video posted on her TikTok, which got 7.5 million views to date, @ugh_madison decided to buy a $12 buffet ticket at Golden Corral and see how long it would take before she was asked to leave.

She came in for breakfast and got some candy cake, omelet, sausages, and several other dishes. After breakfast ended, she got up to get her lunch but found out that her table was cleared out in the meantime. The TikToker offered to pay an additional $12 to stay there, but it turned out that the staff just thought she left.

@ugh_madison then proceeded to indulge in lunch offerings, eating some corn on the cob, pizza, and soft serve, among other things. The staff took notice of her at that point and started getting her refills.

“I think she’s trying to make me full so I would leave, but I’m not falling for that. I got to get my $12 worth,” @ugh_madison says at that point.

The TikTok user ends up chatting with a manager before dinner, but to her surprise, she isn’t asked to leave. Instead, she needed to switch tables but could continue eating as much as she wanted. Eventually, @ugh_madison gives up by herself, leaving the buffet after 12 hours.

“Best day ever. I think I got my money’s worth, but let me know what you think,” she concludes the video.

There you have it, if you are up for a similar food adventure, you now know where to go.


I cant believe this happened! I wanted to see how long i can stay at golden corral. #goldencorral #buffett

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