Martha Stewart Has a Simple Method For Avoiding Tears While Cutting Onions

Image via marthastewart/TikTok

Cutting onions is rarely a pleasant experience. Your fingers get smelly, and your eyes watery. But while you can’t avoid the smell (unless you want to risk wearing gloves), you can actually do something about the onion’s tears-inducing properties.

You have probably heard about various different methods for avoiding tears from onions, like freezing them or cutting them under running water. But while some of them actually work, they don’t work all the time. This is why it doesn’t hurt to add one more method to your cooking arsenal.

Television personality Martha Stewart recently shared a vintage video on her TikTok that features an “easy solution to prevent crying” while chopping onions. According to the clip, all you need to do is get your cutting board close to a source of open flame “as you possibly can arrange.”

Stewart claims that this method helped her cut up to 30 pounds of onion while working in the catering business.

Many TikTok users who watched the video seemed unfamiliar with the method and resolved to try it. However, there were also those who thought that cutting onions this way was quite dangerous. We say keep it as an emergency plan if nothing else helps. Other than that, stay away from open flames.