Here is Why You Should Start Freezing Your Leftover Pizza

Photo by Shourav Sheikh on Unsplash

For such a tasty food, pizza sure results in lots of leftovers. That is mainly because we always overestimate our appetite and usually order (or make) much more pizza than we can possibly eat in one sitting.

Now, there is nothing wrong with pizza leftovers; on the contrary, having a leftover pizza means that you are guaranteed to have another great meal later on. The only thing you need to do to make sure of that is to freeze your leftover pizza. Here is why.

Pizza Left on Room Temperature is Dangerous

According to health specialists, leaving pizza at room temperature can be dangerous. You risk having the pizza contaminated with food-borne bacteria, which can cause stomach problems. The longest you should leave your pizza sitting on the kitchen counter is two hours.

Frozen Leftover Pizza Can Last Surprisingly Long

If you freeze leftover pizza, it will be safe to eat for up to two months. This means that you don’t need to rush to eat the leftover pizza at the first opportunity you get. Instead, you can leave it in the freezer and get back to it when you really have a proper pizza craving.

Frozen Leftover Pizza Retains its Quality

When frozen, leftover pizza will retain its quality and a large portion of its freshness. It might not be as tasty as it was when you first got it, but it will still taste amazing and a lot better compared to leaving it in the fridge. Just make sure you reheat it in the oven.